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Renal (Kidney) Cysts

Dr. Siegel consults on RENAL CYSTS (cysts of the kidney).

MRI of Cyst on Left Kidney (x-sections from back to front, Left is your appropriate)

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  1. @gvblk4yt The lymphoma and thyroid issues are unlikely related to the 2 cm renal cyst. If it is a simple renal cyst, it certainly does not need to be biopsied. However, it would be a good idea to get followup imaging, which you will likely do anyway because of the intestinal lymphoma.

  2. My 2 CM Renal cyst was found on PET Scan I’m a little concerned since
    that time I have been diagnosed with follicular Lymphoma of the Small Intestine
    and a differential Papillary /Hurthle Cell Thyroid Disease which has yet to be determined Should I follow up and get a biopsy of the Cysts?? Current doing R-CVP for another 21 weeks

    57yr old male

  3. Well my simple cysts turned out to be malignant clear cell renal carcinoma of the left kidney and I had to have a left nephrectomy. Thanks to DR not reading my test right went extra year with them in me. The ultrasounds and mri’s and ct’s are not always right.

  4. well my renal cysts turned out to be malignent clear cell cancer of my left kidney….so scans are not fll proof! by the way i was grade 3 stage 3

  5. PAJaMaS for cyst
    P=Polycystic kidney disease,adult/childhood types
    A=Acquired renal cystic disease
    J=Juvenile nephronophthisis
    small a’s are silent

  6. Thank you, very helpful,

  7. Neither kidney cysts nor stones are responsible for low levels of testosterone.

  8. Does kidney cysts or stones cause low tetesteron(spell??)? my husband is 39 and he has these and i belive low tetesteron too?

  9. interesting

  10. Hey i also have a cyst on my kidney, turned out it squished it. The kidney was dead. The cyst, 15×20 cm, is now moving.. I just went to the doctor, and he said it wouldnt matter, but is there a chance it will squish something else, like my liver? Im kinda worried..

  11. I went to my doctor for CT scan results and he told me I need a MRI because there is a mass on my kidneys and on my liver. I am scared to death. I hope there is something to help me get better!!!

  12. Technology is so amazing. I posted a video response about MRI’s and Kidney Disease.

  13. pliz send me more pictures

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